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Learning the Power of Silence

Doctor In Consultation With Depressed Female Patient

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on and grow my comfort level with a skill that is much, much harder to manifest than it should be, at least for me. The importance of not talking, of  »  Read More

Looking Back at How Far We’ve Come

Open book with text on both sides and a pen in the middle

In 1992, I hired Henry (not-yet-Kimsey) House as my coach. At that point, CTI had just been birthed, a twinkle of an idea the founders were busy dreaming into existence. And like so many of us, my  »  Read More

I Hear Voices and Admit It… So Do You!

Community Casual People Communication Team Friendship Concept
When I was about seventeen, my friend Donna and I decided to travel to the cornerstone musical festival in Chicago.  I was complaining about something or other, like any happy teenager often  »  Read More

Taking It Outside

Businesswoman sitting in park working on laptop, sunny summer da

January isn’t the ideal time for resolutions. After all, it’s dark and cold (in the U.K. at least) and really I just want to snuggle down in an armchair with a hot chocolate and forget about my  »  Read More

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